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What is TEDx?

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TEDxSavannah is a daylong event created to stimulate dialogue through engaging talks and session breaks designed to give individuals and organizations in Savannah a platform to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

Presentations from TEDxSavannah 2019

The Triumphant Gift of Adversity
Victory for Veterans through Volunteering
Are Our Ideas of Community Destroying It?
Southern Roots: Queer Horizons
Life Has No Limits
Summon the True Astronauts
Truth Speakin’, Healing and Reconciliation
The Southern Work Ethic and Houselessness: Why Hammers Do Not Build Houses
Feeding the Future with Aquaponics
Heat, Behavior and the Parsley on Our Genomes
Southern Sensibilities
Finding Alice: Bridging the Gap in Preserving Family History
My Love/Hate Relationship with the South
The American Dream Value Menu
Preserving Southern Moments in the Born-Digital Age
The Garden of Good
Urban Mentoring Academy Drum Line